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Post  Enviious on Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:40 am

My name is Enviious, and I'm the British guy running amok on this truly Canadian server! although i must say, we built them first Wink
I enjoy playing private servers in my spare time (wich is very little nowadays)
I am also a friendly psycho Very Happy I am currently getting medical attention from the local practise and will be taking medication soon. WOOP. I hope my socio-pathic tendencies don't bother anyone, but they will give me an edge in Pking, [which im crap at]
MOOSIC (and all that jazz):
ERRR. i like Gatecrasher and stuff, im a cheesey quaver but im into everything :L Heck you name it i'll like it i guess.

and i'm secretly a black guy in a white body and love ghettos. afro
What a Face
I must say it's a pretty shitty intro, and i can't say you all deserve better, im a fruit loop and this is as good as it going to get! Suspect

hit me up on skype or MSN and yeah.. (y)


(And as some of you might guess, or SEE, i'm going to be a pain in the arse on the forums.. geek )


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