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Vote on Fubergen now! Empty Vote on Fubergen now!

Post  Maximus on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:08 pm

As you last heard from admin post, This server has been posted on Fubergen! Which means a whole another community to start advertising in. This means that this server post for Droidscape needs post to be on the top list. If we are now with the top servers we won't catch people eyes. So get Droidscape to the top now by voting!!

You can vote ONCE every hour. So we have more of an advantage to get to the top then Runelocus, so please when you're online just give in a quick vote.

Click the Image below to begin the battle for the top server! If the image does not work then click VOTE HERE.

Vote on Fubergen now! Vote111VOTE HERE

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